DefVerse NFT
Krons & Fusion
How our in-game currency and marketplace works.


Krons are the in-game currency. They will be used to purchase new skill re-rolls on existing cards, and for upgrading a set of 3 characters (variation of level 1, 2, and 3) to create legendary cards, and any future accessory expansions.
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Class & Re-roll

These will only be available on the website and can be bought using DVERSE tokens only. Each character will come with one Class. The skill can be either common, uncommon, or rare. If you like your character but would like to change its skill; you can use Krons to reroll their skill in hopes of improving its rarity.

Class Rarity Type

Enum with these values, randomly chosen based on following percentages:
  • Common - 60%
  • Uncommon - 30%
  • Rare - 10%
  • Epic - TBD

Level 4 Upgrade Concept

As mentioned above, Krons will be used to fuse 3 characters to form a Level 4 character. After the fusion, the 3 characters that were used will be burned.
Level 4 NFTs will have a separate minting process, they are to be manually minted by the owner or they will either be created via fusing lower level NFTs together (to be implemented later).