DefVerse NFT
Marketplace Mechanic
At DefVerse, we are looking to provide greater security to both your investment in our token and our NFTs. One way we are implementing greater security is through our marketplace. For example, the marketplace will have a previous/recent listing chart which shows how much the NFT has been bought/sold for (within a 15% margin).
The marketplace listings will be bought and sold using DefVerse tokens. Transactions in our marketplace will require a buyer and a seller. A 5% tax will be charged for the sale which will then be directed into the liquidity pool.


  • Users will be able to buy and sell NFT characters on the marketplace
  • Transactions on the marketplace will incur a 5% tax sent to a separate wallet that will
    be used to add to the liquidity pool
  • Users will be able to see the history of transactions of the NFT
  • Users cannot set the price of an NFT higher or lower than 15% of the price of the
    last transaction


  • Users will be able to browse the marketplace to see the NFT characters that are on sale
  • Characters can be filtered by name, level, class & Nations
  • Characters can be sorted by price
  • Users will be able to click the view button on the NFT to take them to a new page
    with transaction histories and continue their purchase from there


  • Users will be able to view their owned NFTs and list them on the marketplace
  • If this is the first time that the NFT is to be listed on the marketplace
    • The price can be within 15% of the mean price of the last 10 NFTs sold that match the name and level of the user’s NFT
    • If there is no transaction history for the name and level of the NFT, then the user will be able to set the price themselves
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