DefVerse NFT
Core Team
Meet the team behind DefVerse NFT!
John K Marcos
I founded Defverse in early 2022 where I recruited a team of like-minded crypto enthusiasts and marketing specialists to help promote my vision of a centralized platform for NFT gaming.
I was introduced to the crypto markets in late 2015 where I began dabbling with minor trades. The potential of the market is what grabbed my attention and I subsequently began teaching myself more about the technology behind it all. I developed an understanding of blockchain technology and later learned of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).
As an entrepreneur, I gained a comprehensive understanding of business and business strategy. I have acquired a variety of skills including marketing, media, leadership, and team management. These skill sets have been vital to my development as an entrepreneur.
The hype of the crypto scene captured my attention and it presented me with a unique opportunity. The ability to create art assets and to support untapped independent creative talents from around the world, really excited me. Suddenly, the NFT market began dominating the headlines. This presented the opportunity to promote individuals and their art using NFTs and blockchain technology. Its continuing growth in popularity led to the birth of DEFVERSE.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved in the DEFVERSE project and to extend a warm welcome and thank you to all our investors and community members. I hope you will join us on our journey and continue to support us as we gain momentum and aim to achieve our goals. We aim to be the first NFT Platform to offer hybrid utility for NFTs from various projects and host a library of content from a variety of independent developers.
Gareth James
I was introduced to the DEFVERSE project back in early 2022 when I was approached by our Founder John K. with an opportunity quite like no other. He described the DEFVERSE project to me vividly, and I was almost immediately invested in it. His experience and passion really inspired me, and I made the decision to join the project shortly after.
With a background in games development, business, and marketing I quickly found my role in the DEFVERSE project and the rest they say, is history. The opportunity that the DEFVERSE project has awarded me has already caused me many sleepless nights. I am excited by the challenge and the scale of the project and admire its ambition. The team behind the scenes are not only incredibly experienced but also incredibly humble. Their dedication to the project and its vision is a clear indicator of its guaranteed success.
I’d like to thank everyone at DEFVERSE for their warm welcome and I hope to help guide DEFVERSE towards its future goals.
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