DefVerse NFT
DEFVERSE has built a decentralized app which is used to BUY and FUSE your cards conveniently in one location. Our website hosts our Tavern, Fusion, and links to our marketplace where you can BUY/SELL your NFTs directly.
The DEFVERSE tavern may be a fantastic place to grab a quick pick me up at the end of the day, but it’s also the ONLY place you can buy our new edition NFTs as we release them every 8 weeks. All new cards being thrown into circulation will be hosted here and once they’re gone, they’re gone.
Investors can list their NFTs for auction or sale directly via the DAPP. This is our recommended way to get your hands on our NFTs after we’ve sold out.
We have also partnered with a host of secondary markets such as TofuNFT where you can also view and trade our NFTs.
The fusion system in our BSC smart contract allows you to upgrade your weaker cards to our coveted 4-STAR Legendary cards. Using 3 cards of the same character (a 1-, 2- and 3-STAR) you can FUSE them to create a 4-STAR Legendary card variant of that same character.
Fusion has its bonuses. Higher stats, better game utility, exclusive banners, frames, and icons for use within our games, as well as entry to our MILLIONAIRE LOTTERY. Only holders of our Legendary and Founders edition cards are eligible to be entered in this prize draw, where 1 lucky winner will receive 1,000,000 PHP (Philippines PESO), approximately $20,000 USD, every quarter.
DEFVERSE has proudly partnered with multiple secondary marketplaces on the BSC Smart Chain such as TofuNFT, to offer you a choice of stable and trusted platforms to trade all your NFT assets. You can view, buy, sell, and even auction your NFTs here. This is the only way you can fill your card sets once we have sold out. This is necessary to facilitate fusion.
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