DefVerse NFT
How DefVerse economy works.
DEFVERSE have developed a unique ecosystem that will help maintain market stability and assist with game balancing. We recognise the struggles and the importance of a balanced game which is commonly forgotten by many projects in favour of pay to win mechanics and expensive vanity shops to please investors and venture capitalists.
We are proud to announce that we are not affiliated with any venture capitalist or angel investor and can therefore focus purely on our market, our platform development, and the rewards systems we implement, to help give back more to our core investors, that is you, our NFT holders.
Every 8 weeks we will release new editions of our core cards which will have unique names and art designs based on their race. We will release a MAXIMUM of 5,000 NFTs per edition and once this cap has been reached, the only way to FUSE your sets (to create a 4-star variant) would be to buy them from our marketplace or one of our secondary marketplace partners (TofuNFT), from other investors.
Many successful projects develop over time and the cost of the associated NFTs rise substantially, usually costing several hundreds of dollars for a single NFT. We aim to prevent that by keeping our base NFT cost at $150 BUSD for all new edition releases. There will be no more than 5,000 NFT’s released every 8 weeks (excluding founders editions / special editions).
A core element of the prize pool sustainability is the inclusion of perishable (limited use) NFTs. These NFTs will be used for a variety of functions including, but not limited to, in-game vanity objects / assets, unique titles, auras, banners, pets, lotteries and more.
The funds generated from these sales will be used to inject the prize pool, which will be used to fund tournament and other lottery rewards.
Our FUSION feature is one of our burning mechanisms where owners of a 1-, 2-, and 3-star NFT of the same character, may FUSE them to create it’s associated 4-STAR Legendary NFT. When fused, the 4-star card is generated with randomised stats and the fused cards will be burned and removed from the eco-system.
We have partnered with the well-known Tofu NFT platform. Owners of our NFT can use this platform to trade their NFTs which will be an extremely useful feature when seeking to fill those card sets in preparation for fusion.
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