DefVerse NFT
Community is a huge part of any project and DEFVERSE realizes this. It is of paramount importance to us that we develop systems to handle many active players and the ability to host public lobbies and chat rooms for our players. Further functionality such as private rooms, voice chat and possible conferencing for guilds will be implemented later.
The vision for the DEFVERSE project is to create a globally recognized platform where gaming enthusiasts and crypto investors can gather, invest, socialize, and play a variety of NFT related games. Although the project will initially start with a variety of small games designed to be mobile compatible, the goal of our project is to invite independent developers to host their own projects on our platform, and to be able to seamlessly integrate using our blockchain tools to monetize and manage their own project.
The game marketplace will host all NFT projects partnered with DEFVERSE. You will be able to buy NFTs specific to each title and retrieve information on the company, the project, and the strength of their token from within our app. You will be able to interact with the community specific to that project and trade their assets and currency.
You will have an overview of all NFTs available for each game on the DEFVERSE platform. You can view, manage, and trade independent developers NFTs directly from within our platform without the need to handle that transaction via third party sites.
As part of our roadmap, later in the development of DEFVERSE we will add a comprehensive list of tools specifically designed for ESPORTS integration. The ability to host your own tournaments, send winner data to a central server and offer validity checks, as well as anti-cheat scripts to validate player data and game submissions, will be offered. You can then display the winners directly to the game interface or via our website using a unique link specific to your tournament.
Further functionality will be added thereafter, such as the ability to nominate a host to be shout-caster, and a real-time video production coordinator to add that special touch to your event.
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