DefVerse NFT
Space Guardians
Space Guardians is the first title to be released on the DEFVERSE platform and is a vertically scrolling shooter game alike arcade titles such as “Exed-Exes”, the classic “1943: The Battle of Midway”, and the well-known “Everwing” project.
In Space Guardians you rush to the defence of Neko Sekai, as all races put aside their differences to protect the world as they know it. Little is known of the alien force that threatens your world, but one thing is certain, they’re not here to make new friends.
Equipped with a generous arsenal of weapons and ammunition, you take to the skies and battle through the onslaught of these intrepid alien invaders. The goal is to destroy the mysterious commander to ensure the survival of your people.
There are a variety of ships to collect, each with their own factional aesthetics, weapons, and ultimate abilities. Customise your ship and earn that tactical advantage with various upgrades and buffs earned in game and through NFT collections, as well as some awesome auras, unique titles, and icons to show off to other challengers.
Dominate the leader boards and prove your superiority to earn prizes, NFTs, and trophies.
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