DefVerse NFT
ACT 4: Ora Lilystorm
Anguish of Her Excellence
“They will pay for what they have done!"
“I am the Queen.”
“Revenge is for the weak, forgiveness is for the strong.”
Nation: Aerawatch
Sex: Female
Birthday: March 2
Ora Lillystorm is a Fairy cat from the Fairy Kingdom of Aerawatch. She is the fourth playable character in DefPace. Ora Lillystorm is the only daughter of King Ambrose and Queen Irish Lillystorm. She possessed great knowledge and wisdom in the Fairy Kingdom. Even at the Royal School, Ora excelled in her studies and archery; she was called the Purple Archer. From such a young age, her parents taught her the basics of ruling a kingdom thus, she was able to see their dedication and love of leading the Fairy kingdom. As the only heir of the Lillystorm, she wanted to be the Queen that her parents expected her to be and lead the kingdom like them. Different from what she was used to, Ora Lillystorm became fascinated by the lives of the common people.
In accordance with the traditions of the Fairy Kingdom, the heir shall only inherit the throne when they are already betrothed to someone else. At last, when Ora was already old enough, her parents' decided on whom she would marry. They wanted someone influential and possessed leadership qualities to help their daughter rule the kingdom, therefore, Lord Erkling of the Dain was the best choice. He's the richest fairy and even owns the Mining and Gem business in the Kingdom.
Fairy cats are known for their vast knowledge about magic and spells. They have the longest life span in the DefPace universe since they age slower than the other cats. Even the Fairy Elders are known to cast spells upon themselves to stop their aging. Although they are one step away from immortality, they can be easily injured when they make contact with iron or steel.
The Fairy cats live under the ruling of the Royal Family; The Lillystorm. The royal family is responsible for the protection and guidance of the citizens. The entire kingdom relies on their magical powers and spells for their safety and to prevent other cat races from attacking them.
The Kingdom trains all the fairy cats when they reach a certain age. They taught them how to use a sword, bow, and magical spells. At a young age, they were taught to defend themselves when danger arises. Since the Fairy cats are one of the richest cat races in the DEFPACE universe; due to their abundant resources, they are obligated to learn how the economy and business work after they have graduated from the Fairy Cat Academy.
Princess Ora Lillystorm and Lord Erkling Dain fell in love instantly the moment they met one another and so, both decided to be wedded at once. The King and Queen were delighted, and so they held the grandiose wedding that no cat can even imagine.
The ceremony took place at the Grand Garden in the Fairy Kingdom. The Royal fairies used their powers to broadcast the whole matrimonial ceremony. Everyone cheered and celebrated as they became the witness in their union of love. Even the heavens could feel their joy and devotion towards each other. At last, they sealed their love for one another with a genuine kiss.
In accordance with the Royal customs they have to follow, the person who is wedded into the Royal family shall change their surname, therefore, Lord Erkling Dain became King Erkling Lillystorm. Finally, the crown has finally been passed down to the new rulers of the Fairy Kingdom: Queen Ora and King Erkling Lillystorm.
Queen Ora and King Erkling that ruled the Fairy Kingdom, had their first child born; a healthy baby boy. Both were ecstatic as they held the baby in their arms. Fairy warriors can be seen all over the palace, guarding the royal family. Even a fly cannot pass the kingdom due to their strict security.
Suddenly, Queen Ora and King Erkling were called by the royal secretary to check the Grand Hall. They left the Royal Bedroom and let the trusted Fairy Warriors watch over the first prince. The King and Queen were shocked and delighted at the same time to witness the Grand Hall filled with their families and friends, even the citizens of the Fairy Kingdom. The entire kingdom was elated and celebrated the birth of their first prince. The night was perfect to commemorate the birth of the first prince, or so they thought.
When the royal couple left the room, the Fairy Warriors were on high alert guarding the prince. Even the slightest sound, they would instantly make an action. Fairy warriors are elite guards; their main priority is serving and protecting the royal family. They trained endlessly; dedicating their whole lives to the Fairy Kingdom.
The leader of the Fairy warriors, Emerald, heard a creaking noise coming from outside of the room. She sent someone to check it out but only to find out they were being surrounded by Ninja bandits; faces were half-covered and a katana was hanging in their hips. Alarm and rush rose as they try to fight them off.
The leader of the Ninja bandits; Jikuru knew too well of the weakness of the Fairy cats and so, he used it as his advantage to destroy their defense. Fairy cats were weak to iron and steel that the moment it touched them, their skin will burn. Jikuru took his katana off and charged at Emerald. She gave her best to stop him but she got cut by the sharp katana on her legs and lost balance. She wanted to scream in pain for the effect of the steel but being the fearless warrior she is, tried to cast magic and spells. With quick reflexes, Jikuru managed to dodge Emerald's attack. He stood in front of her; her eyes filled with rage; but a mission was a mission and so, he beheaded her.
Jikuru's allies went inside the room to finish the job. They killed all the remaining Fairy warriors - it was a blood bath. The moment Jikuru entered the prince's room, he had a devilish smirk. Although he could feel his conscience trying to persuade him of stopping but still, a mission was a mission. He took the prince in his arms and without mercy, stabbed the knife in the prince's heart - killing him.
The entire kingdom was anguished when they discovered the death of the prince. The kingdom was on high alert and it became harder for other cats to enter. The Fairy Army tried to search the whole DefPace universe but sadly, their efforts were left in vain. They failed to track down the culprits and held them accountable.
The Queen mourned for her child. In hope of bringing justice to her son’s death, no night has passed that she won't pray to the gods of finding the culprits responsible for this crime and making them suffer. She thought of avenging her son, but she knows deep in her heart nothing good comes from revenge. The Queen, in her desperation, consulted the Fairy Elders on how to bring the dead back to life, but no powers or spells exist to grant that desire. The King was saddened by his wife's state but didn't know what to do. The pain of losing their child was unexplainable. The baby boy they once held in their arms, vanished into thin air, leaving them in despair.
Years have passed, the Queen gave birth again, but this time to twins; naming them Aldon and Bryer. With the incident from before in mind, they hired warriors who are highly skilled in magic and martial arts to guard the twins. They trained being exposed to iron and steel so much, they became immune to it. Everyone was still anxious and scared for the past to repeat itself, however, as they say, "The only mistake we can make is the one from which we learn nothing." If history does repeat itself once again and tries to harm the twins, everyone is prepared to fight back.
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