DefVerse NFT


Ever experienced playing different game genres using the same heroes and characters? Welcome to the world of DefVerse.


DEFVERSE – the universe as we know it.
Worlds within the DEFVERSE are separated by lore. Each world containing its own unique identity and race specific games. Games from a variety of genres will be hosted within each world which use the same set of lore. EXAMPLE
The Nekonians of the Neko Sekai are a cat like race, and the games created within the world of Neko Sekai, are focused with this specific race (or possibly set of races) in mind. Nations such as ‘The Atropaxians’ (Hell Cats), ‘The Sons of Khover’ (Draconic Cats), and ‘The Host of Angels’ (Holy Cats) exist as factional entities within that world.
Upon launching the platform, you will be presented with a map of ‘The DEFVERSE’ which will list all available worlds including those currently in development. You will be able to interact with the worlds, read lore specific documents, and manage world specific NFTs from within its interface.
DEFVERSE aims to be the first company to offer a platform where NFTs from one game, can be utilised within other games within their own universe. The value in the ability to use NFTs outside of a singular game, encourages investors to try all games on the platform and not just a single title. NFTs will retain value (or gain it) because the utility of it does not just depend on the success or interest of a single title. Future games will incorporate the use of NFTs developed for other titles to offer exclusive rewards such as in-game vanity assets (titles, borders, pets etc), boosts, buffs, and community raffles.
DEFVERSE is an NFT project originally founded by John K Marcos and Gareth James in 2022. The company goal is to develop quality game-related artwork with an emphasis on game-related utility and blockchain integration. Offering a platform for a library of NFT related games both developed in-house and by 3rd party developers, DEFVERSE aims to create a social hub for game enthusiasts to enjoy a variety of games, with the bonus of regular events and cash rewards including tournaments, a lottery system and more….
Games have been a part of society dating back to 6000 BCE (before the current era), where it is suggested by historians that games like “knucklebones”; which use a die or several dice, were made from the talus bone (a bone in the foot) and used for entertainment and gambling.
Gaming has since developed from “throwing bones”, to what we have today, a wonderland of entertainment. Board games, arcade machines and personal entertainment systems.
The video game industry is the 4th largest entertainment industry in the world. Video games are also a huge part of how we interact socially and competitively.
The NFT and crypto market took the world by storm in late 2015 when the world was introduced to the concept of digital ownership of non-tangible assets. They coined term “Non-Fungible Tokens”. Shortly after, in 2016 the first ever NFT “Play-To-Earn” game was released. This quickly became hot topic across many communities and contributed to the BOOM in the awareness of cryptocurrency and it’s potential.
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