DefVerse NFT
ACT 2: Ayane
Rising Amidst The Perished
“Loneliness can be a trap; once you get used to it, there’s no escaping it.”
“If you want to keep your eyes, stop looking at me with pity, or else I’ll stab you with my katana.”
“I said stop! Could you leave me alone? I don’t need you.”
Nation: Toyama
Sex: Female
Birthday: August 29
Ayane became an orphan at a young age. Despite being alone, she survived and earned a living for herself. She accepts commission with reasonable pay or even hunts for food herself. She had to grow up to fend for her vulnerable small self. Her gratitude to the Ninja academy, teaching her the essential things in life, made her more challenging physically and emotionally. Growing up without her parents to guide her made her realize the affection she lacks and yearns for. Every so often, when she takes a stroll in the busy streets of Toyama, she can’t help but feel jealous of the Ninja kittens with their families. If given a chance, she would want to feel her parent’s loving embrace again.
In an unfortunate accident from the past, Ayane witnessed the horrid of losing her parents in the fire. In just a blink of her eyes, the happy moments she had vanished without a trace. By surviving alone has brought trauma and continues to haunt her to this day. Most of the time, her mind wanders again in the bitter memories of yesterday and drowns herself in depression and anxiety. Maybe if she was strong enough, she could have saved them or did anything to prevent that disaster from even happening. It took her not long to be adopted by her amazing foster parents, who provided everything and anything she asked. However, regret persists in torture and trouble her peace of mind, hindering her from being free from the past.
At night with thousands of stars filled the night sky, Ayane cannot help but gape at the shining little lights outside the window stock. Her parents were sound asleep, together with the small figure cuddled beside her. Little did they know, a throng of mysterious men surrounded the house. Each had placed something on the ground and went away without even the slightest of sounds.
A few seconds after, Ayane could not help but feel disturbed by the ticking sound around the house until continuous explosions awakened their sleepy souls. Before they could even do anything, their entire home was already being eaten by the flames. Ayane started crying as her parents tried to fend off the flames but failed. They tried to escape, but the doors and windows seemed to be locked from the outside. They all tried to scream for help, but no one could hear them since they resided at the top of the mountain.
Time was almost running out as it became hard to breathe with their room now filled with smoke. Left with no choice, her father remembered a small compartment where he pushed the two children inside. Her final moment before passing out was her parents looking at them with their loving gaze while tears dampened their cheeks. It was the last and painful memory she had with her parents before they departed.
The moment Ayane opened her eyes only to be welcomed by unfamiliar faces, she was confused about why she was in the village. They lived at the top of the mountain, and going here would take hours of travel. She tried to stand up only to fall with her knees swelling. Suddenly, her memories came flashing back in her mind; she went outside in a hurry, carelessly ignoring the pain of her legs.
Then, somewhere slightly distant, she noticed a group of people gathered together while crying. Her legs felt heavy with every step she took; it was her parents' grave. Everything felt like a nightmare she didn't want to wake up from. Tears continued to fall, but such grief cannot be explained even by words or actions. In a snap of a finger, she became an orphan, alone and hurt.
A lot of cats attended her parents' funeral; most of them are essential cats in Toyama. Ayane, refusing to believe what she saw, ran away somewhere she could be alone and cry her heart out. With no strength left, she sat down under a tree, and as if the thundering clouds wanted to comfort her aching heart. Suddenly, she felt someone caressed her head, she looked up and saw a lovely old couple who embraced her. Somehow, despite the coldness of the pouring rain, their warmth was enough to calm her down.
Ayane easily adjusted to her new life. She is now living a simple life in the rice fields; her adopted parents are farmers. Her foster parents taught her what she needed to know in planting and harvesting a crop, which she enjoyed. From time to time, Ayane goes to villages and helps the people on their daily tasks to earn money that she gave to her foster parents. In her new life, she realized how important it is to work hard and spend money wisely.
One day, she came across a public Ninja Academy that teaches cats proper etiquette, skill - all about being a Ninja. Ayane thought that attending the academy to learn new things was ridiculous. However, seeing the young Ninja Kittens enjoying their studies made her want to join as well. It was indeed fun, and she looks forward to each day of going to the academy.
After patiently studying in public Ninja Academy for years, she finally graduated and became an adult to sustain her old foster parents. They were already weak and sick, but Ayane decided to take care of them despite the costly medications or consistent care; her love and gratitude for them were worth more. However, both her foster did die of old age; Ayane now was left all alone again.
On the other hand, Ora Lillystorm finally decided to face her greatest nightmare. It was the time to meet the ninja who murdered her newborn son; how difficult it still is to forgive Jikuru, who only lived his life in peace while she grieved and became miserable. Deep inside, Ora aches to kill him as this is the revenge she yearns for all these years; however, killing him makes her no different from her son's killer.
Being the queen and having the powers of Aerawatch, she lays a curse on Jikuru as a way to avenge her late son. It was the punishment she knew he deserved and would experience the same pain as hers. A curse that he shall never see his family again, nor will his family remember him anymore. Jikuru went into a deep slumber; his wife and sons disappeared into thin air and transferred to a new place that Jikuru wouldn't ever find.
Ever since Ora Lillystorm cast a spell on Jikuru, she has been secretly going to one of the islands of Toyama. She met Ayane, whom rumors said that a young ninja accepts strange commissions. She never thought that a kind-hearted and humble young lady could be deadly if needed. She was silent and mysterious, but her job was to avenge cats for a good cause. Ayane understood her situation very well and accepted it with no hesitation; to look after Jikuru and inflict harm if his behaviors don’t change or continue to do his dark side job.
Ayane then became a secret assistant to the Queen of Aerawatch, Ora Lillystorm. From time to time, she writes reports to the queen and delivers them to her. She knows that watching and observing the murderer won’t do any good; thus, she acted on her own, ignoring the queen’s orders and ending the madness once and for all.
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