DefVerse NFT
ACT 4: Raine Kinsley
An Alchemist's Ambition
“Try to drink the potion I made. Don’t worry, I think it’s safe and tasty!”
“How do you do it again? Hey, come on! Teach me how to mix this potion properly.”
“Start by mixing the blue and green liquids and add the eye of a dead Eirian. Then it will go kaboom!”
Nation: Aerawatch
Sex: Female
Birthday: ?
Raine is an aspiring Alchemist fairy cat that dreams to share her discoveries and inventions in the kingdom of Aerawatch. Although many had doubted her and called her ‘Raine, the unlucky fairy,’ it would not waver the determination and ambition in her heart. Even if every spell she tries to make explodes or sometimes leaves a nasty smell, her passion for alchemy is her reason to continue living. No matter what other people say or do, her heart is just full of courage and fortitude. She believes that one day, she can be the alchemist that everyone can rely upon.
Raine’s inspiration for being an alchemist is her father, Alston Kinsley. He was one of the most extraordinary alchemists of his time, and he worked directly for the Royal Family of Lillystorm. His potions and spells were so great that he hid them from anyone. Sadly, her bright father unexpectedly died due to a failed scientific experiment. As Alston drank the elixir that gives unnatural strength to whoever drinks it, the spell was so potent that it made his heartbeat collapse from too much pulsation. Her mother; Freya, became heartbroken from what happened and severed the ties of the Kinsley and Lillystorm relationship.
When Raine learned what her mother did, she felt devastated and miserable. Holding resentment towards her mother, she didn’t come home for a few days. It was a way of reflecting on the things that just recently happened; her father’s death and her dream of being an alchemist. In just a few days, she lost both important loved ones and aspirations. However, knowing that did make her doubt but still giving up won’t solve anything. When she lived on the streets for a few days, she discovered new things and added them to her rugged notebook that her mother attempted to rip apart. She observed the behavior of nature around her, the flow of water, and even the path of the wind. While taking notes, she thought that it was better to be independent and leave her mother for good, or so she thought.
One unfortunate evening, a wild hell dragon attacked her. The dragon immediately frightened Raine and said her prayers to the gods, thanking her time was up. Fortunately, her mother saw her and used a potion to repel the dragon, and that dragon fled instantly. Her mother was worried sick about her run-away daughter; she pinched her on the ears and dragged her back to their home. She was surprised to witness what happened, but her heart was at ease after being alone in the wild when she saw her mother.
One peaceful morning, as Raine was brewing potions in their backyard, she noticed an unfamiliar presence in the nearby trail of their house. Two unknown cats seemed to pass out from their injury and exhaustion. She stopped what she was doing, and after checking the cats, they were from a different cat race; Draconic and Robocat. A useful potion in her pocket, she knew what could wake them up. Fortunately, the two cats arise from their slumber by the foul smell of the tincture. As Raine carefully observed their behaviors and physical condition, she noticed the scars and injuries that the battle of the mysterious Eirians caused. They may be from a different race, but she would not turn a blind eye to people who require her help.
Freya saw the commotion in their backyard and muttered to her daughter's ear that she should send the two cats away as this could lead to a misunderstanding if known by the other Fairy cats. However, as usual, Raine's hardheadedness and concern did not listen to even a word of what her mother said. She treated their injuries and even cooked meals that could speed up their recovery. It did not take long to gain their trust and information regarding the world's current state. Upon listening to the report of Fraethes and Ratcher, she found out how they fought against the Eirians and ended up in the kingdom of Aerawatch. Raine and her mother may have argued; they still let the two unfortunate cats stay the night in their home.
When dawn finally came, it looked like the night sky, and the sun’s rising was in one beautiful moment. Despite the weariness they still felt while lying on the bed, the two cats could not sleep as Raine’s experiments filled their ears throughout the night; however, Raine’s mother; Freya, was already used to it and was sound asleep. With so much curiosity, Fraethes and Ratcher got up and asked her what she was up to in which she explained that she was developing a potion that could repel Eirians. Being an alchemist, she wants to help her kingdom to fight back any enemies with her potions. Even if the Eirians failed to attempt raiding the Kingdom of Aerawatch, they couldn’t let their guard down.
It took them not long to finish the solution against the Eirians, only to realize the sun had finally risen. Only one way to determine its effect was to test it out on an actual enemy. After an hour of exploring the deepest parts of the forest, they saw one who was carelessly eating alone. The Eirian has lime-colored skin and pointy fangs that could devour the raw meat effortlessly. Fraethes drew his sword out, and Ratcher aimed his robotic hand at the Eirian while Raine was busy preparing the repellant she would use. However, with so much noise she was making, alerting the Eirian to shift his focus on them.
Raine sensed the fear in her heart when their eyes locked upon each other. It was as if the Eirian was staking a claim on her, his next meal. Before she could think, she accidentally threw the potion on the Eirian that made him flee. The three celebrated their success as the repellant was indeed effectual; she should inform everyone of this great news. The three of them went back home, and Raine told her mother what had all happened. Raine’s mother can’t avoid seeing her father’s resemblance in her, and deep inside, she knows she will be a great alchemist like her father someday.
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