DefVerse NFT
ACT 1: Mirabel
The Unfortunate Merchant
“I can’t wait to board our ship and take a nap there.”
“Bring the gold here! The boat won’t sink, I promise.”
“Every day is a good day to do business.”
Nation: Khover
Sex: Female
Birthday: July 30
Mirabel is known to be a daring and resourceful draconic cat in the Land of Khover. Ever since she was young, her eyes opened to the beauty of being a merchant and trading various tangible goods. Along with her parents, who taught her everything she needed to know in business, her determination attracted good fortune, and it became her stepping stone to achieving her dream. After the war with the Fairy cats caused damage and destruction to the Drak clan, all the surviving Draconic cats had no choice but to flee away somewhere far and safe. Mirabel and her family even relocated to an island, where they remain in hiding. Their life may have been challenging at that point; still, they continued to live in peace. Again, they started their business from scratch until it bloomed into a delightful outcome.
On her way to discovery, she encounters someone who has the same ambition as hers. Easton was also an aspiring tradesman who took an interest in her since she had made herself known to the trading business in Neko Sekai. He had come to learn from her skills but ended up adoring her full of vitality and vigor attitude.
Mirabel ended up marrying Easton. They started their own trading business and traveled the world on their merchant ship. When Mirabel and Easton were on their voyage, they stumbled upon a baby dragon with her mother. The dragon’s mother was on the brink of death, and she handed her baby to Mirabel and Easton, trusting them with her child and breathing her last, passing away. The two of them took the baby dragon and raised it as their child. They named their new family member, Ginto. As they dream of being the wealthiest cat in Neko Sekai, this is a future they gladly welcome.
The sons and daughters of Khover were repairing the island's docks due to the casualties caused by the Eirians that invaded Neko Sekai. Luckily, when the Eirians attacked the island of Khover, only minor injuries were inflicted, and all of them survived the attack.
Despite the unexpected event, Mirabel had to carry on delivering the weapons requested by the Ninja cats to the nation of Toyama for the weapons they had requested. Along with her subordinates in the merchant ship and her baby dragon, they set sail into the ocean, connecting the nation of Toyama.
However, while everyone was getting it easy, Pirate cats emerged and took over the whole ship. As everybody was in panic and fear, this was her first time encountering the ever-ruthless rulers of the seas. Pirate cats had a reputation for piracy multiple times in the past. Although many have claimed that they vanished in thin air and were never seen again, still, she let her guard down, and her companions now suffer her consequences.
The ruthless pirate cats hijacked the ship only to steal the goods and cause disorder among the merchants. They held Mirabel, with her subordinates and dragon captive, and one by one threw them into the open sea, where they almost drowned to death. Hopeless in their situation, they were left floating in the endless ocean of the Pacific. With their tight hold on each piece of wood, mysterious beings from under the sea helped them get close to the nearest island of Khover, where they were taken care of by other Draconic cats. Good fortune, as many people say, they survived the distressing disaster with the Pirate cats.
People started spreading rumors around, speculating what truly happened to Mirabel and her subordinates. When Easton, her husband, heard of the accident, he was worried, sick, and scared for his wife’s well-being. Mirabel, on the other hand, felt ashamed since the ships were their only source of income. Now it’s gone, taken away by the Pirate cats, they need to find other ways of sustaining their daily needs.
News indeed travels fast as Mirabel was offered business opportunities to get back on the right track. Jikuru, a diligent commoner of Toyama, invited her to become a tradesman in their remote nation but only come alone. As unfortunate circumstances forced her to accept the bargain, she sacrificed her communication with Easton to earn money.
The nation of Toyama was widely known for its peculiar and interesting products. It took her not long to adapt to a different environment and culture since everyone welcomed her with open arms. Business immediately thrived with ease. In the middle of a busy afternoon, the martial arts training nearby caught Mirabel’s attention; even Ginto, her dragon, was excited. The way they calmly spar and the concentration given to one another made her curious. It was soothing for her to watch while accommodating her customers. It made her crave that kind of balance between the mind, body, and spirit.
In the following days, one of the masters who teach martial arts noticed Mirabel’s interest and offered her a limited trial in which she could learn martial arts. The master also taught Ginto a few tricks in his free time. Mirabel saw this as a chance to defend herself from future attacks in her voyage in the ocean and improve her emotional and physical health. Everyone knew she had a talent for martial arts as she excelled quickly than anyone; it was as if she was born to do it for this sole purpose.
After a few years in Toyama, Mirabel knew she had to return home. She was proud to have accumulated enough money for them to start over again in their trading business. Ginto, her dragon, grew big and strong. She rode her dragon to fly back to Khover. With a smile on her face, she was excited to see her husband again after a long time of being apart. However, an empty home welcomed her, making her heart tremble in distress.
A letter on the table made her want to saunter as if to avoid facing the harsh reality. In the familiar penmanship of her husband, the letter contained a farewell message in which he eloped with someone else. It broke her heart in pieces, and as the moment passed by, she embraced it with all of that she had. He left her for someone else; how cruel can the world be.
Mirabel was left brokenhearted, but like the strong woman she is, she stood up and started her dream alone. The trading industry attracted a lot of interested folks that became her subordinates. Even though her heart still yearns for her past lover, she has achieved her dream. However, as they say, “You can’t be brave if you’ve only had good things happen to you.” When the Eirians invaded the land, together with her trusted companions, they heroically defended every cat in need.
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