DefVerse NFT
ACT 3: Ratcher
The Warriors Willful Wish
“This time, I won’t let you succeed!”
“The reason for your defeat was you underestimated the capabilities of your enemies too soon.”
“Calm down. It won’t help if you let your emotions overpower your way of thinking.”
“I believe my purpose in life is not here so I came to the conclusion of exploring the world.”
Nation: Robotops LTD.
Sex: N/A
Birthday: February 20
Ratcher is a unique kind of Robo cat. Although it is made up of robotic components and programming, it is capable of having normal cat qualities such as judgment based on values, being empathetic, and feel like the other cats do. Compared to its other comrades, it yearns to find its true purpose in life and is not just restricted to what was programmed inside. It knows what it wants and it won’t stop until it has achieved it.
Robo cats thrive in the domain of Robotops LTD. Their intelligence and reasoning have outstanding feats but it is still unclear in the DEFPACE universe where the Robo cats originally came from. Although the Robo cat is the youngest race among the Cat races, due to their advanced technology and dexterity, they already achieved great things compared to the different cat races in the DEFPACE universe.
Robo cats were able to build their own central government, led by their Minister, Eve. It consists of 12 counselors that rule their own district in the domain of Robotops LTD. With the power and influence, they imposed their own law on their citizens. Thus, everyone was appalled when Minister Eve approved the new law that changed their entire livelihood. The law states no other DEFPACE cats are permitted to enter their domain and are ordered to kill anyone who dares to trespass. Rumors started circulating that their Minister Eve was being controlled by an unknown evil being causing that unexpected decision but as they say, ‘Everything that has happened in your life has been preparing you for a time that is yet to come.’ The once welcoming and free domain in the DEFPACE universe became isolated and depressed in an instant.
Behind the chaos caused by the sudden declaration of the new law in the domain of Robotops LTD was the plan to find the existence of the mysterious fountain. It was said that when the gods were walking amongst the cats during the war, they built fountains that contained gifts that would help the worthy ones in battles. One of them was called, The Fountain of Immortality.
It was said that it can be found in the deepest parts of the desert and is being guarded by the spirit of the god of immortality. Only the worthy shall drink from the fountain and receive the gifts given by the god of immortality himself. If the unworthy tried to drink from the said fountain, their own race would be cursed for eternity.
When the Robo cat’s technology became advanced, their goal was to seek the existence of the mysterious fountain, thus they built their own satellite and sent it to outer space for a thorough study about the DEFPACE universe. To their discovery, their satellite was able to catch sight of an abundant body of water in the middle of the desert. Upon further investigation, they saw a fountain that is made of gold and detected enormous power from it.
These mischievous Robo cats wanted the fountain for themselves to take over the whole DEFPACE universe. Hence, the law that prevented other cats from entering their domain was to cover up the fact that they were looking for the Fountain of Immortality. Knowing that the other cat races have no knowledge about the fountain made things easier and so the search began.
When Ratcher heard the new law that was announced in the domain of Robotops LTD, he quickly packed his belongings and left his home. He believes that everyone is free and is capable of deciding on their own. The new law did not shake Ratcher’s mechanical heart, instead, he was filled with anticipation to leave their domain. Yet, the authorities were guarding the entire place preventing the Robo cats from fleeing away. Ratcher’s wits made the impossible possible, he planned his escape carefully for months and even practiced in his own backyard.
As time passed by, he gathered all his courage and carried on with his plan. By using camouflage gears, he was able to hack the security system of the authorities guarding the domain. The moment he passed through the guards, he quickly climbed a hundred feet tall wall. Yet, before he could even jump, a guard noticed him and shot him in the eyes, making him almost blind.
A week had passed since he escaped the domain of Robotops LTD. He was left wandering in the middle of the forest and was seeking refuge to rest. He was out of power and was about to shut down but suddenly a Draconic cat named Fraethes came to his aid. The Draconic cat; Fraethes invited Ratcher into his own home and gave him an extra pair of batteries. It was glad to have met the stranger who had let it, a Robo cat, experienced kindness. Ever since that day, they became best buddies who support and protect each other.
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