DefVerse NFT
Act 8: Krons
The Exchange of Fortunes
“Anyone can possess Krons, but only the worthy and chosen can acquire its true value and power.” - God of Wealth
“With my power, I can promise the chosen, who can unlock the true value of Krons to be capable of anything.” - God of Power
“You should not let your greed and selfishness devour you, or else I will punish you for eternity. True value comes from within.” - God of Immortality
In the early days, the DEFPACE cats had a trading system where they trade goods and services to each other. However, the god of wealth saw the system as flawed as some services and deals that were made were unfair to the other cat races. The god of wealth descended to Neko Sekai and gave gifts to the DEFPACE cats. The most powerful and valuable currency was introduced to the DEFPACE cats; the Krons.
Krons directly came from the god of wealth’s power. He trusted his workers in Neko Sekai to manage its circulation and make sure no one made a counterfeit copy of it. It is the only existing and available currency in the Neko Sekai. Making gold, iron, steel and every kind of gems and minerals existing in Neko Sekai is almost meritless.
The god of wealth taught all the cats how to properly use Krons, and how it can be applied in their trading system. For that reason, the government and royal kingdoms of the cats have established a strong economy in Neko Seikai.
The god of power saw the good influence of the Krons and he fused powers to it without the cats' knowledge. If a cat accumulates a certain amount of Krons, has a good heart, clean conscience, and offers the Krons to the god of power since they love being worshipped. The cat shall be granted power, and evolve into a stronger and mightier cat.
Although the Hellcats rebelled from the three gods and were exiled from the gates of heaven, they continued to live under the rule of an unknown god of the underworld. In exchange for the Krons they accumulate and offer to that god, they would still have the opportunity to be granted the power of being stronger. Finally, since the day that the Krons were gifted to Neko Seikai, the flawed and abused trading system was over.
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