DefVerse NFT

Prologue: The Creation

Here's where DefVerse's story begins...
At the beginning of time, three gods roamed the face of the DefVerse Cosmos. They created 'Neko Sekai', the equivalent of Earth in the human world, and filled it with every living being, such as bodies of water and different types of landforms making the world inhabitable.
The God of Immortality proposed to the God of Power and God of Wealth to form different cat bloodlines that will dwell in the Neko Sekai. The two gods agreed, and so, they descended their way into the Neko Sekai.
With rocks and clay, they were able to mold each cat and give them life.
The Holy cats were the first to be made. They swore their life to serve and guard the three gods in heaven. The Holy cats were the most divine cats created by the gods and, therefore, were faithful and grateful to their creators.
The second one was the Fairy cats; magical and bewitching; attractive as they can be; however, looks can be deceiving as they are made to be wise and ruthless when money is involved. They are vastly known for being sharp thinkers and age slower than average cats.
A few years later, some of the Holy cats rebelled and became corrupted by the evilness and immorality of the world. The once allies of the Holy cats have become their enemies and are now called the Hellcats. Treacherous and manipulative in nature, they are not to be trusted. The three gods were threatened by their existence, hence giving them a place of their own; in the underworld.
Next were the Draconic and Ninja cats who resided in the most isolated lands in the Neko Sekai. They lived peacefully and did things independently; thus, no dispute occurred even with their differences.
Lastly, the gods became so interested in the world’s minerals that they used them to create the final race of the cats. The use of iron chunks, copper, silver, and gold; mixed inside the volcano; hence, the Robo cats were formed. However, the gods were puzzled about how they came to live despite being made with only elements.
Finally, the six different cat races filled the world they had made. They watched them grow in numbers and populated the land just like they had wanted. Therefore, they were pleased and satisfied with their work.
However, many races emerged in that whole century that passed and became known in the Neko Sekai. Without the three god’s awareness, traditions and inventions were established. The three gods unknowingly have decided to leave the Neko Sekai and put the fate of their creation into the hands of the DefVerse cats.
Little did they know, the cats that they created would be responsible for the chaos that is about to come in the DefVerse Cosmos. The cats who were left on their own shall someday see the veracity behind the authority of their creators.