DefVerse NFT
ACT 5: Urielle
The Desperate Guardian
"Everyone! Fight with everything you've got."
"Forgive her! She didn't do anything wrong!"
"W-wait, don't hurt her!"
"How could you betray me? Everything I did was for you!"
Nation: Cedora
Sex: Female
Birthday: February 8
Urielle is a Holy Cat from Cedora. He is the fifth playable character in DEFPACE's 2nd edition.
Among the second class of the Host of Angels, Urielle is a doting son and brother. Despite being known as an austere and stern person, he does have a soft heart for his kin and the three gods. As the leader of the Guardian Angels, his sole mission is to spread the enlightening wisdom of the three gods and chastise anyone who violates the holy laws. With his sister, they patrol around the boundaries of the Neko Sekai and seize anyone suspicious. In this daily routine, they were content in living the way things are. Little did they know that things would twist in a way they didn't expect. A debt of one will be the cost of a beloved.
The Holy cats are divided into three classes; the Legalities, Guardian Angels, and the Shadow Angels. The Legalities maintain peace and order in the DEFPACE universe, consisting of seven powerful holy cats, with Asheal serving as the gods' appointed leader. The Guardian Angels are highly skilled warriors who have no sympathy for those who commit wrongdoings, thousands in numbers, and are responsible for safety and security. Lastly, the Shadow Angels are the most peculiar type of Holy cat, Cedora's servants, working diligently for the honor of the gods. They are free to roam and can disguise themselves, avoiding suspicion of being Shadow Angels.
When the three gods had created the Neko Sekai, they chose to stay in Cedora, in which they planted a particular seed. Nobody heeded nor knew about it until it suddenly bloomed into a large tree, looming over everyone, and no one could bring it down; it was revealed to be the Tree of Light. It emitted a golden glow and is located at the heart of Cedora, where holy cats are born from it every ten years. As energy flows through the tree, it sprouts a ball of light and hatches into several bundles of joy; everyone commemorates the new blessing that has come. Hidden by the mysteries of the three gods, all were amazed by the power of the Tree of Light. Yet, as they say, "Curiosity will eventually kill the cat." Even if no one dared to question their authority, it could not be avoided when such became curious and interested.
The Shadow Angels are also the keepers of the Tree of Light, in charge of caring for the newborn holy cats. The Guardian Angels train them in battle, service, and worship when they are old and strong enough. They decide on their performance and designate them to the appropriate class. It is rare for such to be put in the Legalities. Unlike the others, they are carefully chosen by the three gods; only the meritorious shall be permitted as one. When one of the members of the Legalities is slain, a seat becomes available. People are willing to engage in battle for the position of becoming one of them. For this reason, the second and third classes are the most commonly allocated to holy cats.
Urielle was finishing his daily tasks when he noticed a fluctuation of energy in the air that immediately made him wary. Being aware of where it was emanating from, he directed his men to follow and assist him in case of an emergency. He followed the unsettled force and was confused when it led them right in front of Asheal's house—the Legalities' leader. He received puzzled stares from his subordinates as his gut warned him of a terrible end. No one dared to make a noise as they listened through the door, sweat dripping down on how tense the situation was. With his comrades by his side, they pushed through only to witness a shocking revelation.
When he quietly entered the house, they were stunned to see Riz'gath holding a bottle of what seemed to be a poison directed at Asheal, who was sleeping. Before they could even act, Asheal woke unexpectedly and defended herself against Riz'gath. Caught in the action, he tried to escape in which Urielle moved quickly and seized him. Although Riz'gath was prepared to fight again, other soldiers were ready to pounce on him; he was overpowered and ended up surrendering. The three gods rewarded Urielle and his soldiers for their prompt action. However, they punished Riz'gath, the spark that ignited the hellcats' birth.
Urielle had a twin sister named Lev'ona, his right-hand as a Guardian Angel. He was protective of his sister; when they were not on duty, they spent their time together and roamed Cedora. It went for a long time until he noticed something strange ever since the incident. It cannot be ignored how Riz'gath and his sister were close, and knowing what happened might have affected her. Despite that, he remained ignorant of the red signals and continued their peaceful life together.
One night, he woke up from the sound of the clashing of swords and the screams of his fellow holy cats outside. Panic filled him when his sister was nowhere to be found, and he immediately went out; they must be being attacked. Only to realize his sister was one of the enemies, together with the rebels fighting against their former companions. Urielle was confused; he must be dreaming as her sister would never betray him and the three gods they both honor. His mind made countless lies; he was not willing to accept the truth not until her sister's complexion finally turned red. She evolved into a hellcat; the sudden change led them to lose their minds.
Lev'ona almost killed Urielle, who was not on his right-thinking until Asheal arrived and defended him. She pulled out her sword and struck Lev'ona in the eye, causing her to bleed and shout in pain. He attempted to stop Asheal from harming her sister, but they were too late. The gate of Cedora suddenly opened, and the hellcats, who were once holy cats, departed. He was devastated by what he had experienced; the revelation was too much for him to accept. His sister, who was wholly devoted and faithful to the three gods, rebelled; he didn't seem to grasp the thought of his sister doing what people had told. Urielle tried to beg the three gods for his sisters' forgiveness, pleasing them with all his might, hoping that one day they would listen to his plea and return his sister to Cedora. Like an obsequious servant willing to sacrifice everything but ended in doing all for nothing. Unfortunately, the gods didn't appear to care in his pleading.
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