DefVerse NFT

2nd Edition

DefVerse 2nd Edition Characters


Nation: Khover
Mirabel is known to be a daring and resourceful draconic cat in the Land of Khover. Ever since she was young, her eyes opened to the beauty of being a merchant and trading various tangible goods. Along with her parents, who taught her everything she needed to know in business, her determination attracted good fortune, and it became her stepping stone to achieving her dream.


Nation: Toyama
Ayane became an orphan at a young age. Despite being alone, she survived and earned a living for herself. She accepts commission with reasonable pay or even hunts for food herself. She had to grow up to fend for her vulnerable small self. Her gratitude to the Ninja academy, teaching her the essential things in life, made her more challenging physically and emotionally.


Nation: Robotops LTD
In the village where he came from, Teku was known as the coward and innocent Robocat. He abides by the rules and serves as a good resident of Robotops LTD. Unlike his friend, Ratcher, who follows his instincts and calling, he just follows the flow of his life. A regular citizen who hopes to one day contribute to the prosperity of his nation will be the reason for him to lose the friend he treasures the most.

Raine Kinsley

Nation: Aerawatch
Raine is an aspiring Alchemist fairy cat that dreams to share her discoveries and inventions in the kingdom of Aerawatch. Although many had doubted her and called her ‘Raine, the unlucky fairy,’ it would not waver the determination and ambition in her heart. Even if every spell she tries to make explodes or sometimes leaves a nasty smell, her passion for alchemy is her reason to continue living. No matter what other people say or do, her heart is just full of courage and fortitude.


Nation: Cedora
Urielle is a doting son and brother. Despite being known as an austere and stern person, he does have a soft heart for his kin and the three gods. As the leader of the Guardian Angels, his sole mission is to spread the enlightening wisdom of the three gods and chastise anyone who violates the holy laws.


Nation: Atrapax
Lev'ona was known by her colleagues as mysterious and unpredictable. Although she did her duties as the second-in-command chief of the Guardian Angels, she knew all of it was a disguise; a fake persona that she hides in. Everything felt unreal inside, and it was tiring to become the person she was genuinely not. She abandoned her duties as a guardian angel and rebelled against the holy orders and thus being corrupted and was turned into a Hellcat.