DefVerse NFT
ACT 2: Jikuru
The Concealed Disguise
“I’ll do anything for my family.”
“Be on guard. You’ll be killed before you know it.”
“I did what I was supposed to do.”
Nation: Toyama
Sex: Male
Birthday: June 19
Jikuru is a commoner in Toyama who works diligently to earn a living. His kindness and perseverance earned him the respect and admiration of the citizens of Toyama. He strives to be the greatest and upright ninja for his wife Aiya, and two sons; Hanzo and Hattori. However, life is not that fair.
Little do they know, Jikuru holds a dark cold secret that no one should ever know. In the middle of the night, when everyone is sound asleep, he would sneak out and go outside the town for his ‘private’ mission. He would move swiftly like the wind assassinating important figures ordered by his clients. He became infamous in the underworld instantly after he murdered the former first prince of the Fairy Kingdom. In exchange for money, when evil beings want to kill someone, Jikuru is one call away and he will do his job with no question.
His two opposite personalities will either lead to a miserable or lucky conclusion. Yet, as they say, ‘No secrets are left in the dark.’ Sooner or later, the secrets he tries so hard to hide will somehow or another be revealed.
Ninja cats are well-known for their stealth and skills in martial arts. Their speed and perceptive thinking make up for the lack of weapons and armor. In their customs, the most skilled Ninja cat is the one responsible for guiding and protecting the citizens away from danger. Although they may seem cunning at first, they are to be trusted for your safety and security.
Jikuru is a loving and selfless paternal figure in the nation of Toyama. He does everything to provide for his small and humble family. With Jikuru’s sacrifices and efforts, he was able to send his children to the most prestigious ninja school in their nation. His wife, Aiya felt really delighted and grateful for her husband’s responsible personality. Aiya, on the other hand, is a dedicated housewife that cooks delicious food for her family. No wonder their children are so chubby and healthy!
Jikuru’s luck begins to sink as he loses his jobs one after another, leaving them in the roots of debts. Everything went downhill when his son, Hanzo became sick but he had no money to offer for payment. Jikuru became hopeless and was on the verge of giving up but suddenly a mysterious figure appeared from the darkness and called himself the ruler of the underworld, tempting him with something he desperately wouldn’t be able to refuse. In exchange for the large sum of money, he will be part of a dangerous group of assassins in their nation.
He did what he was told; killed someone as ordered. He was considered to be one of the best considering he was just a beginner in the field of assassination. With a heavy heart, Jikuru continued this job for the sake of earning more money to provide for his family. Still, he was proud to have the greatest achievement yet by assassinating the first prince of the Fairy Kingdom. However, in the fullness of time, karma will be the one to punish him for every life he has taken.
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