DefVerse NFT

1st Edition

Meet the pioneers of the DefVerse universe.


Nation: Khover
Fraethes is a Draconic cat from Khover. He is the last remaining member of the Drak Clan. As the last kindred of the clan, he made an oath to avenge his fallen bloodline.


Nation: Toyama
Jikuru is a Ninja cat from a remote nation Toyama. He is a commoner who works diligently to earn a living. His kindness and perseverance earned him the respect and admiration of the citizens of Toyama.


Nation: Atrapax
Riz'gath is the first Hell cat in the DEFVERSE Cosmos. He used to be kind, understanding and loving. Ever since he was exiled and corrupted, he is the embodiment of evil, unholiness, and hatred.


Nation: Cedora
The Holy cats are the ones who serve the three gods in the DefVerse Cosmos. They also guard and protect Cedora, and smites anyone who dares to enter it. Asheal is the leader of the Host of Angels.


Nation: Robo Corp
Ratcher is a Robo cat from the Domain of Robotops LTD. Although Ratcher is made up of robotic components and programming, he is capable of having normal cat qualities; such as judgment based on values.

Ora Lillystorm

Nation: Aerawatch
Ora is a Fairy cat from the Fairy Kingdom of Aerawatch. She possesses great knowledge and wisdom. But don't underestimate her, she also possesses great combat skills and she has mastered the art of magic.