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ACT 6: Lev'ona
A Yearning Glimpse
“I will always be your ally.”
“Let me out of here!”
“I'm losing my mind, why can't I remember him?”
“I keep my enemies closer.”
“Be careful who you mess with, punk.”
Nation: Atrapax
Sex: Female
Birthday: December 20
Lev'ona is a Hellcat from Atrapax. She is the sixth playable character in
DEFPACE's 2nd edition.
Before the uprising, Lev'ona was known by her colleagues as mysterious and unpredictable. Although she did her duties as the second-in-command chief of the Guardian Angels, she knew all of it was a disguise; a fake persona that she hides in. Everything felt unreal inside, and it was tiring to become the person she was genuinely not. Still, she pretended for her family's sake and let her lies come to life. However, when she thought everything was fine, a strange obsession awakened inside of her; seeing gore or inflicting pain made her blood boil in excitement. As her sins worsened, the desire forced her to madness. It made her not think twice to betray her brother and unite with the rebels.
The rebellion lasted for a few days until the three gods intervened, and everything went downhill from that. The land of Atrapax was nothing they had ever encountered before, surrounded with flames that kill and souls that are waiting to consume you alive. Once in a while, she would have a glimpse of memories, a loving family; Lev'ona couldn't do anything but feel the shame of her actions. She yearned for her brother's warm and calming embrace; in his arms, it made her feel safe. It enfeebled her powers, making her the center of torment from other Hellcats.
In time, she would remember herself as a skilled warrior in combat. Urielle, her brother, was always by her side, supporting in every step of the way. He didn't allow her to lift a finger—treating her like a princess. Lev'ona regretted allowing her brother to treat her that way, being spoiled as she is. Suffering from her decisions, she tried various ways to leave Atrapax but ended up waking up into
reality turned to nightmare; she always found herself lying on Atrapax's hot, dirty floor.
“I will always be your ally.” “Let me out of here!” “I'm losing my mind, why can't I remember him?” “I keep my enemies closer.” “Be careful who you mess with, punk.”
It went by so fast to see their once allies become evil and corrupted. Defied the holy laws, they were cast out from Cedora into the distant pit of shadows where the dead are gathered to await their arrival. No one knew the reason, but it seemed more of the Holy cats were tempted to do the same. As the three gods witnessed such betrayal, they felt anxious. However, eventually came up with a different plan of action; kill anyone who disobeys. In that case, no one would even dare think to rebel against them. The hellcats noticed these changes, confused as their number was not growing anymore. At that moment, the god of the Underworld saw this as a chance to breakthrough. She gathered all the souls of Atrapax and the energy her people had to break the seal of the Underworld.
Finally, the Hellcats were able to come out of the living hell of the Underworld. Upon their escape, they immediately went to Neko Sekai and scouted it. To no avail, they went back empty-handed, which made Riz'gath explode in anger. Lev'ona, who was still lost and clueless, was ordered by Riz'gath. Unlike anyone, she was still attached to Cedora and could explore the place closer than the others. She wanted to refuse; getting near Cedora means a death wish to Hellcats like her. Still, he never bothered to listen in her plea as he sent her to the gates of Cedora. She wanted to scream in pain as her skin instantly started to burn. Left with no choice, she scouted the place from afar. On the center of it, she noticed a golden tree, and below it was holy cats nurturing the ball of light emitted from it. Eventually, figuring out that the tree gives birth to the Holy cats.
She immediately left and reported everything to Riz'gath. Upon hearing Lev'ona's report, the god of the Underworld also blessed them with a similar tree, called the tree of darkness. However, no matter what they did, the tree did not conceive any
newborns. It was because energy was flowing to the tree of light of the Holy cats. Although Riz'gath has thought of a solution, the consequences would be unimaginable. In exchange for the tree of darkness to flow with exuberance, he ordered an attack towards the Holy cats and slaughtered anyone on sight. Mysterious in how it happened, the tree of darkness suddenly glowed brightly and gave birth to its first seed. It took them not long to realize that the tree had harnessed the souls of the dead Holy cats. Years later, it grew a ball of darkness that blossomed into newborns. Since then, Hellcats continued to grow in number in exchange for any cats' life in Neko Sekai.
In a blink of her eyes, the once bright and calming ambiance of Cedora disappeared. As the prickling heat of the Atrapax welcomed her, her ties with other rebels became hostile; they treated her like trash and an inferior being. She was no longer the vice-captain everyone had followed and served. Nevertheless, the strange mania inside of her forced her to live with the rest despite such treatment. The bitter experience with the other Hellcats triggered something in her. It made her a different person than she was today. The outside may trick people into seeing her as a weak and pathetic entity; deep inside, a sinister side of her was only waiting to reveal itself.
During the night, when one's asleep, they shall feel the rage of a fiend, concealed as an ally. A monster that will kill them in a way they least would expect it—one who would for sure express its anger in torture and gore. Still, when the morning comes, the pathetic girl stays on the hot dirty floor of Atrapax. Pretending nothing happened but with the victims, fresh in their minds, the bloodthirsty monster who visited them last night. It made them realize not to mess with someone that may seem fragile but truly vicious on the inside. It spread unwanted rumors and gave her the attention Lev'ona never had before.
However, such chaos could not suffice the anger stifling within her. Whenever her consciousness slipped, the memory of losing an eye would occur again in a dream, inflicting pain every time. Asheal, the culprit in her injury, should be punished and tortured. The way her white wings would be covered with blood and would shine in the light of day. Her usual arrogant eyes will be filled with fear; one who would even beg her for death will be her final satisfaction. Together, they will bring down the reign of three gods and the holy cats they so much adored.
Lev'ona's rumors made the god of the Underworld curious about her; the stories circulating around made her take an interest in her. She knew that the girl undoubtedly could be a puppet and would be hers soon to control. As plans were made, the tree of darkness began to sprout its first egg. The hellcats were ecstatic to witness the birth of their soon-to-be-allies. However, such a moment was not as pure as people think. These newborns were to be evaluated in the hot surroundings of Atrapax. They were not to be taken care of, and only the ones who could endure the harsh conditions will deserve to live as one of them. Their ice-cold heart could care less in the cries of each infant. Only the potential they possessed if they survived is essential.
Each would grab what they thought was stronger than the other and raise it to be a ruthless warrior. Unlike the rebelled holy cats, their abilities were still finite. The pure borns of Atrapax had awakened a much scarier fate of Neko Sekai, for such monsters had finally come to life. Vicious and merciless as they can be, all was according to plan to overthrow her brothers.
Lev'ona's innocence must have tricked her; the first seed to have blossomed was worthless in the eyes of others. She was left behind under the tree of darkness to rot and die. Still, the kindness in her heart has not disappeared and manipulated her to bear the newborn as her own. Innocent as it may look, it secretly had a mind on its own. It was ready to control Lev'ona as no one would know or even care. Only one person could have wanted Lev'ona as a puppet; strings connected and lineage alike, no one could have thought one could have a child alone.
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