DefVerse NFT
ACT 5: Asheal
The Inevitable Heartache
“I didn’t tell you to help me!”
“How dare you think I’m not beautiful?”
“If you think I like you, think again!”
“I could have managed on my own in the first place. Hmp!”
Nation: Cedora
Sex: Female
Birthday: August 27
Asheal is a prominent member of the Holy cats in Cedora, the equivalent of Heaven in the human world. She was considered to be the best of the best among the other Holy cats. She was favoured by the three gods and was relied upon for everything. She complied and did what was expected of her. However, as they say, ‘All the good things have something in return.’ Little did she know, the person she believed in the most would be the end of her.
Cedora is the highest place in the DefPace universe, overlooking Neko Sekai. The Holy cats serves the three gods and are responsible for their protection and other essential needs. However, Cedora is a closed nation; anyone who dares to enter shall be killed. It is a sacred place only for the three gods and the Holy cats to live in.
The Holy cats are separated into classifications depending on their roles in Cedora. Asheal is the leader of the Host of Angels; justice and fairness rests upon her shoulders. They are in charge of maintaining the peace, law, and order in Cedora. It is a heavy task to fulfil but along with the other six trustworthy and reliable comrades, it is feasible.
At a young age, Asheal had a friend she depended on with her life; Riz'gath. They were inseparable and considered one another family. When Asheal's responsibilities would be too much for her, she would rant her heart out to her friend. Riz'gath, being a Holy cat himself, never really understood her affliction until he experienced it all. Asheal's trust for Riz'gath made her unable to see the seed of evilness growing inside his heart. She avoided the fact that he was planning something that would ruin them and their race. Riz'gath valued all moral principles in heaven; he wouldn't even dare to hurt an insect, let alone plan something bad for everyone. Thus, Asheal held the piety of Riz'gath. Little did she know, that the naive and innocent had long been gone.
Riz'gath was consumed by his obsession with power and fame, and saw Asheal as someone who would interfere with his plans. His friend was receiving all that recognition he knew he deserved and so, his heart was filled with envy. The once understanding and hardworking Riz'gath became so dark that it corrupted the haven they lived in. Before the sun even dawned, the darkness inside Riz'gath's heart couldn't be contained. He quietly made his way into Asheal's house; with no hesitation and conscience in his mind. He saw her sleeping soundly and pointed the bottle of poison above her lips. The red liquid shone brightly against the light but his eyes betrayed him as his tears began to fall down. Asheal woke up, only to find out her friend was about to kill her. With her reflexes, she was able to defend herself. She tried to fight him but her heart hindered her from hurting him. Other Holy cats came to where they were and they were able to capture Riz'gath who didn't resist. In the end, the three gods were furious at what Riz'gath had turned out to be. They were disappointed and wanted to dispose of him on the spot. Yet, with Asheal's plea, they were able to spare him but exiled him from heaven. Riz'gath's beautiful white wings started to become dark; thorns sprouted above his head, skin red as blood; now known as Hellcats. Banished from the gates of heaven; ruler of the underworld.
The past continues to haunt Asheal to this day. The pain of betrayal disturbs her mind with everything she does. However, life needs to carry on even if it's hard to accept the painful truth that has been revealed. Her heart that had been deceived became cold and dark. She didn’t dare to associate with anyone and only did her job as ordered; without any feelings involved. She was a Holy cat on the outside but had an cold heart inside; stopping her from making the same mistake again.
One day, Asheal was called by the three gods for an important and private mission. She was ordered to go down the Neko Sekai and find someone; part of an unknown race that has been eliminated from all of history. Asheal was clueless but still did what she was told. The day her wings flew her down the Neko Sekai was the day their fate was decided. Asheal met a cat whose race was unknown; his behavior was unusual; yet, he offered her a place to stay. He led her to a certain village where everyone had their judgemental eyes; lips that speak with maliciousness towards them. However, the stranger gave them no attention at all as they continued to walk towards a small lodge. Although Asheal was given food and shelter, she grew cautious around the stranger. She wanted to test his patience and attitude, thus, she said words that will definitely hurt him. Yet, as odd as it is, he just gave her a smile. Asheal's heart softened in his reaction and deep in her heart, she knew he was the mission task for her to find. Oblivious of where he came from; the stranger continued to live in the village until he grew older; despite the pestering neighbours, he was able to live a peaceful life.
The days Asheal spent with the stranger, she grew fond of his amiable behaviour that her heart started to open up again. She helped him look for hints regarding his past and the race that was long forgotten. However, their exploration led to evidence that had a connection to the ruler of the underworld. Just from the word of it, memories from the past came flashing in her mind. She didn't want to remember him. That's when everything made sense of what had happened in her life; the sudden mission, the lost cat race, and the stranger. It was destined for her to face him again. Even if she tried to forget their close relationship from before, fate would always make way. Asheal knew in her mind that it was time to finish the friendship they previously shared with one another. She was destined to end the wrath of the Hellcat.
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