DefVerse NFT
ACT 11: Zaria Hart
The Bond of Destruction
Nation: Goulbridge Woods
Sex: Female
Birthday: ?
“As the oldest, all of you should follow what I say.”
“Mother Glinda! Blake stole my magic broom!”
“Get away from that cauldron! It will explode!”
“The burden of this family holds me down.”
Zaria Hart was born gifted as one of the best dark magic users. Despite her young age, people expect great things from her. The burden and pressure made her detest her race and magic. A childhood that wasn’t so bright as to accept the gift she was granted. She always had a dream of becoming a Fairy cat; the way they are more accepted by society and free from all the judgments. Unlike the witch cats, who have eerie and dark magic; the Fairy cats have light magic and alchemy. Little did she know, they were the reason for the war years ago. The Hart Witches came from an ancient clan in which their mother, called Mother Glinda, was the only remaining member. People thought their black magic was a threat and so, killing them all until she was left alone in the woods.
Years passed, time didn’t affect her appearance or magic. Mother Glinda being the mother of all witches in Goulbridge Woods, most of her children were girls, and only a few were boys. Zaria Hart is her eldest daughter, and the one looking after her siblings while their mother is occupied with errands. She and her family live deep inside the forest, and only a few cats know the location of the Goulbridge Woods. Mother Glinda forbids them from leaving the place. As their home was sacred and leaving would make the place cursed.
In Zaria Hart’s childhood, she always lingered by the pond. The ambiance of the area made her play in peace when she suddenly heard a cat crying. Upon hearing the loud wailing, she stopped and followed the sound. Hesitant at first, she approached the poor fairy cat who had a wound on her knee. Mother Glinda strictly told her not to interact with other races, but at that time, she extended her hand and offered to help her. She chanted a spell that she was good at, a charm that could heal wounds and injuries. The fairy cat was astonished by her magic, and the two of them became close friends.
Despite the different races, they were able to talk to each other comfortably. Zaria learned how the girl was led into their territory by a firefly. It must be their relatives’ doing; enchanting anyone inside the woods in exchange for some tempting gifts. One day, she finally knew her name; Ora Lillystorm, the Princess of Aerawatch. She was frightened; their races weren’t meant to have any involvement towards one another. They differed in views and magic and don’t have any good associations at all.
She left Ora Lillystorm in disappointment. Thinking that she finally had a friend that would relieve her loneliness and understand her situation, she was wrong. When Zaria Hart was about to go home, she heard a familiar scream in which she sprinted to where it was coming from. Her heart was beating hard in her chest; she was sweating bullets from the worry that Ora might be in danger. They might be enemies, but she had already trusted her that it had made her feel attached. She wouldn’t forgive herself knowing she could have helped and done something.
Fear and panic entered Zaria Hart’s system when she saw a wild dragon attacking Ora. She didn’t know what to do since she was overwhelmed by the situation. Unfortunately, she only knows how to cast spells about healing. With no time to think, she grabbed her magical book and looked at all the spells listed on it. She saw the special magic that her Mother Glinda often cast. She crossed her fingers and closed her eyes, chanting. A clap of thunder and bright lightning came down from the sky, hitting the wild dragon and killing it. She was surprised by the spell she had only tried for the first time; as Ora Lillystorm was also shocked by what she had witnessed. As if her life flashed before her eyes; Ora Lillystorm, not knowing what to do, cried and ran to Zaria Hart and hugged her—thanking her for saving her life. While Ora was in her arms, she couldn’t help but wonder about the magic she possessed. She is more powerful than she thought she was.
When Mother Glinda came back to Goulbridge Woods, she saw everything Zaria Hart was doing. She had cast a spell that could check on her daughter’s actions while she was away. Mother Glinda was furious when she learned that her daughter had broken their most important rule; interacting with other cat races. She took Ora Lillystorm and brought the child back to Aerawatch, informing the Queen and King about her sneaking into the Goulbridge Woods, in which they scolded her for her foolish and reckless behavior. They might be grateful to Mother Glinda; however, the bitter past they shared cannot be disregarded; a war that cannot be forgiven for one who has lost everything.
That moment on, a treaty between the Witch Cat and the Fairy Cat was signed. An agreement that consists of no other cats should cross their borders. The punishment would be executing anyone who dared to defy the new decree. To avoid conflict and maintain the balance of their powers is the main purpose of their deal. If they continue using magic with each other, it could trigger a mix and end up killing both of them. Against her wishes, Zaria had to follow her mother's orders. It made her unhappy since she knew she could do nothing to negate her mother’s decision.
Zaria Hart did nothing wrong, but she was punished for it. The only thing that made her feel happy is now gone; it was all because of this power. She later started to despise her magical powers and her race. Her only wish was to become a Fairy cat. To cope with the pain, she began experimenting with the curses on the magical books given to her. Forbidden spells that caused her to lose her sanity. The once lively and playful girl was now gone. All that's left is her madness getting the best out of her.
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