DefVerse NFT
ACT 7: B'tuin
The Protector of the Stars
“I used to be weak and scared, now I am brave and strong.”
“Regrets would only chain you.”
“My past and scars made me who I am today.”
Nation: Sigma Asteria
Sex: Male
Birthday: Unknown
B’tuin is the protector of the stars and one of the trusted guardians of Sigma Asteria, home of the three gods in the DEFPACE universe. It is a place higher than Cedora and only the gods know the place’s existence. Although being born with a god’s blood in his veins, he lived his life as a mortal. Unlike any other, he was still gifted with a long lifespan by his father, the god of Immortality.
B’tuin and his father didn’t start on good terms as he remembered his childhood memories of being abandoned at a young age. He was left drifting in the endless sea of Neko Sekai and was only taken care of by the Mermaid cats. It was because of such an altruistic act that B’tuin became one with the cats of the Mermaid clan in spite of not knowing where he originally came from. His life began its journey in the Hidden City of Agua and became its sworn soldiers of defending its nation.
As the god of the Underworld continues to spread evil in various lands of Neko Sekai, the three gods were threatened by this unfortunate occurrence. With their last offense in action, they apprised the Holy cats in Cedora and left Sigma Asteria in the hands of B’tuin while war transpired in the world of Neko Sekai. If worse comes to worst, the planet shall still be secured from all the chaos from outside. A secret they tried so hard to hide from everyone; Riz’gath knew all along as this was the reason for his defiance.
B’tuin’s was already born with a gift enough for him to outstand cats in his age. Although his childhood was not a smooth sailing one in the Hidden City of Agua, his foster parents still took great care of him and raised him to be a responsible Mermaid Warrior. However, being an adopted and stranger in the Mermaid clan has made him susceptible to coercion by the local children. B’tuin still gave his all as a way of showing appreciation that they solely deserved for accepting him as as part of the family.
For an allegiance to be assembled, B’tuin was tasked with this important mission of leaving the Hidden City of Agua, alongside his comrades and meeting up with the Holy cats of Cedora. In their journey, Mermaid Warriors were given a special device that will help them breathe on land, however, confused as he is, it was unnecessary for B‘tuin since he was able to breathe properly even without it. When they saw the gates of Cedora get closer, the Mermaid Warriors ascended from the seas of Agua and were escorted by the Holy cats. Everyone was amazed beyond belief as they witnessed the beauty and extravagance of Cedora. However, before it all even began, havoc was triggered by the infamous Hellcats. An unforeseen turn of events in the middle of allegiance; they were ambushed by the Hellcats and bloodshed of the innocent scattered in the Holy lands of Cedora. Many of the Mermaid Warriors died as B’tuin watched his comrades perish before his eyes. He was the only one left alive and unscathed.
Witnessing his friends’ tragic demise and being unable to do anything had disturbed B’tuin’s mind. In a blink of his eyes, the people he treasured so much vanished into thin air, leaving him wandering about the possibilities he could have done. The memories still haunt him to this day, if fear didn’t consume his thoughts or putting more effort could have saved them; however, what’s done has been done, no matter how much regrets fill his mind all day will not change the fact that he was weak and a coward. B’tuin was left with no choice but to accept the painful truth as it was the only way to atone for his sins and shortcomings.
Gaining his final strength of coming home, unfortunate news to relay at the clan, was his most terrifying nightmare to face. His heart clenched in agony while he saw families, friends and lovers alike grieve for their comrades who had lost their lives in battle. B’tuin was ashamed of himself; he can’t even look in his parents’ eyes and see the disappointment in them.
He viewed his life as a dark night sky with no sun to provide the light he greatly yearned for. The flame of hope in his heart had finally doused. However, life had still many things planned for him; a bright light took his attention with a voice calling out to him. B’tuin knew deep down how familiar that voice was; unknowingly, he longed for it.
“Come, my son. It is time for you to return home,” the voice declared.
His mind was overflowing with questions; emotions overwhelming his way of thinking. B’tuin was furious and thrilled at the same; after several years of waiting, he can finally see his biological father up close. Yet, as they say, ‘All things happen at the right time; no matter how harsh and enlightening the truth is, you must still accept it and move on.’ Little did B’tuin know behind these turn of events, his whole life had already been planned for something more than he would have anticipated.
The time has come for B’tuin to face his past and the father he has yet to meet. Farewells were said to his adoptive parents and others at the Mermaid clan. He proceeds with his journey towards the mysterious place the voice told him to go to, yet a strange feeling engulfs him as he suddenly loses consciousness. B’tuin felt his body drifting into the wind but he never knew it was happening in real life.
The moment B’tuin woke up from his slumber, he was greeted by an enormous black gate guarded by men who bowed in front of him. Unaware of what’s happening, B’tuin was given a magical scroll that served as a key inside the mystical place. It is called Sigma Asteria, home of the three gods; hidden from the rest of the universe. On his way inside, he was welcomed by an unknown man; wearing a golden robe and holding a floating orb in his hand. He proclaimed himself as the god of Immortality and his father.
Few years had passed since B’tuin traveled his way to Sigma Asteria, he and his father were already on good terms and now accepted the duty of being the protector of the stars and the land. Having to experience the bitterness of the past was a driving force to be better and stronger. The once warrior who was on the verge of giving up has broken free through the shackles of guilt and continues to fight for everyone’s future.

DefVerse B'TUIN Fan Art Competition

Artist: Jeli - Just like DefVerse that was a Filipino made game, Legendery B'tuin is like Lapu-Lapu which is also a Filipino, a true hero and symbol of bravery,he left us the legacy of freedom. He did it through his love for his own land. I hope that Filipinos today will do the same. We must also fight for our freedom. We must be free from poverty and corruption, be intelligent and a great warrior just like Lapu-Lapu.
Artist: Adelbert - B'tuin as a guardian of our galaxy. Equipped with his sword spear that can expand and contract. Not to mention his power that can manipulate cosmic energy.
Artist: Steve Carry - B'tuin, possessing an unimaginable physical strength in his right arm while wielding the mighty spear of destruction, every swing and strike that he make caused the space to shatter. On his left hand he wield an orb with a mysterious cosmic energy that only he can comprehend. Privy to secrets that would shatter a mortal mind, B'tuin observes the workings of the galaxy from an unknowable vantage, choosing to let his servants do his bidding, only emerging from his Throne when he deems that he alone can steer the course of reality along its proper path
Artist: melting ink - This is the concept design I made for the body of B’tuin Legendary NFT. Being a Galacticat, I envision him as a supreme being from a different universe, an alien to the eyes of ordinary people. B’tuin wields a golden weapon with a crescent moon-shaped blade which I see as the ultimate weapon he uses as he conquers other universes.
Artist: Clay - B'tuin in His full form against the Universe
Artist: Yahiko - Sitting on the throne means power. I made him sat on it to emphasize his supremacy and presence. Handling luminous energy is one of his abilities, and putting DVERSE token to symbolize the game.
Artist: onin - A young B'tuin before he embark on a journey to travel the vast galaxy. Stars (B'tuin) in the sky reminds me of my childhood, so I decided to draw B'tuin as a kid
Artist: Joka Senpai - I had supported DefVerse right from the start, I've seen your FB ads even at early stage, I remember 300 followers at least, from that time I followed and supported the project, from the pre-sale I've taken my part to support DefVerse right until now, and for the future and beyond, I will support you. Thank you for making us proud, Kababayan ! DefVerse will conquer the world of NFT gaming. cheers for the upcoming success!
Artist: Choii - Santelmo (derived from Philippine Folklore) A Legendary Fire Spirit in the Lore of the World. Legend says it is ferocious and dangerous. Many challenged this spirit in the past but all of them never succeeded.
Artist: Hiccupee - This is B’tuin’s little brother, He’s the one in-charge in cooking some delicious Token for everyone in the universe. Yes, I know he’s chubby not because he always stays in the kitchen but because he can’t stop eating those floppy air in space.
Artist: dadaismdarell.near - THE RISE OF DEFVERSE In here, my art style entails B'tuin turned into a powerful galactic God beyond our world which is into Galactic. This shows how game DefVerse will dominate the world of cryptocurrency game or the rise of NFT games captured the eyes of almost every investor in the crypto world.
Artist: Juliussajalog - This is my first time joining a contest. I like DefVerse in concept and I hope more power to the game. Please fix bugs before the launch, to gain more trust from investors.
Artist: Qyxz - The art was created with the idea in mind that B'tuin is a celestial being.
Artist: Jastiniieenskie - DefVerse is a kind of cutie cute game. I actually like the concept of the game which is cats are the characters, also the theme and graphics I hope all the investors like this game.
Artist: bmezine02 - B'tuin the Beast B'tuin transformed into a legendary beast that can do enormous damage and being able to released a fire beast bomb. With these abilities, B'tuin can defeat nearly any other enemies in existence.