DefVerse NFT
Captain Kedi
A Dreamer of Space
"A telescope is enough to fuel your passion for space."
"It is dark outside, please be careful."
"Team are you ready? We are about to launch!"
Nation: Kato Sekai
Sex: Male
Birthday: July 20
As a child, Captain Kedi grew up with his family part in the field of Catronomy. He revered the faint sparkling rays of lights in the universe, the stars. As they shone from a distant place in the sky, not once did they flicker and lose their gleam. Soon as he came of age, he was given a telescope that could perceive even the far heavenly bodies of the galaxy. He studied the movements of the planets and the stars, which emboldened his ambition to be a Catronaut. It was not easy after years of training; several sacrifices were made, but his fortitude still prevails. With his unwavering dedication, he worked his way up into the ranks until he had a team of his own.
Captain Kedi became one of the eminent members of the Catronauts. His consistent exemplary performance assured the people of his dexterity in the field of Catronomy. He never falters behind a challenge or an obstacle, even if he sometimes returns home wounded and crestfallen. He is more than qualified to lead his team to the triumph of every conquest. His unyielding resolve proves enough reason for his people to follow in his footsteps. Despite being admired by his peers, he attracted adversaries along the way. Once denigrated for his age and innocence; however, the beacon of his dreams persists in burning intensely. He eagerly yearned to witness the secrets of the universe, which he shall soon explore.
Time flew fast; Captain Kedi could finally wear his Catronaut suit. It felt perfect; just the right fit made for him. The years filled with frustrations and doubts stood worthless against him as he faced his people, ready to serve them wholeheartedly. The endless universe awaits his exploration even in the most profound and most mysterious ends of it. He was born to unveil and spread every piece for everyone to witness. Together with his team, they will conquer everything like no one in history ever did. Mission after mission, they arrived home with victory tied to their names. They were the answered prayers people had beseeched to have, the shard of hope that would give light to the missing piece of the puzzle.
After years of service, Captain Kedi was seen fit for a special mission. Claimed as the most difficult out of his team's experience, the president exclusively told them the details. According to an old legend on their planet, an unknown flower on the moon suddenly sprouted out of nowhere. Its golden petals shone more brightly than the stars surrounding it and were rumored to possess magical powers. Despite the suspicious story, he was confident with his team's abilities that he underestimated the risks and dangers it had. After a week, his team finally boarded the spaceship and successfully landed on the moon. They quickly found the giant flower; its beauty was mesmerizing in the eyes, like a beast in disguise.
Even just a glance at the moonflower made his heart race in excitement. All stories behind it were true; its blinding petals were enough evidence. A single touch even made him see visions of his team's disloyalty, but such a thing could not be true. In denial of the flower's power, his trust began to waver in fear, thoughts lingering in his mind. Distracted, Captain Kedi and his team gathered their strength and pulled the moonflower from its soil; cutting the root brought a shiver down his spine as if it was not supposed to happen. They were taken aback as the moon began to shake, and then a massive creature emerged before them. It was a trap!
Before they could even act, the monster shrieked in wrath, its skin was bloody red, and its eyes were flaming with rage. Its fangs and claws were ready to devour its prey at sight. With no choice but to retaliate against the unnamed monster, Captain Kedi quickly grabbed the laser gun on his waist and shot it in the eye. He immediately ordered his crewmates to board the spaceship while acting as a decoy to divert the beast's attention. When all of his crewmates returned, he hurried swiftly to catch up to them. However, the ship took off without him; his eyes could not believe what he saw. His knees frailed at realizing that the team he considered family betrayed and left him to die; how his heart shattered to pieces to watch them go farther away into the universe he once adored.
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