DefVerse NFT
ACT 6: Riz'gath
A Shadow's Breakthrough
“You should bow down before us!”
“Asheal? Who is that? Ah yes, my only friend that is now my enemy.”
“Darkness and blood; that is my desire.”
Nation: Atrapax
Sex: Male
Birthday: December 14
Riz’gath is the first Hellcat in the DefPace universe. He was a former Holy cat; a loving and benevolent friend of Asheal. He once served the three gods and devoted his whole life to them. However, he was not blind to all things that were happening in Cedora. If outsiders see it as a wonderful and pure place for only the holy beings to live in, they are wrong. As if the betrayal buried the seed of evilness in his heart and it started to grow into something eerie and scary. Riz’gath became the embodiment of everything that was wicked and evil.
Asheal noticed the sudden changes in his behaviour but refused to accept the truth. As his friend, she tried to cover up anything that he did wrong. Riz’gath was fortunate to avoid being punished by the gods but as they say, ‘All secrets will be revealed, sooner than later.’ Riz’gath’s mind was filled with jealousy that Asheal was being the most favoured by everyone. He wanted all that attention and recognition, and so, he discovered a scheme that will surely end up finishing a rival’s life.
One day, the three gods wanted to test the two outstanding Holy cats in Cedora. Whoever will succeed in this task shall be the one suitable for gaining the position of the leader of the Holy cats. They gave Asheal and Riz’gath the same task but the latter lost halfway. Thus, Asheal won and became the leader of the Host while Riz’gath became disheartened by his failure. Imbued with negative emotions, he refused to give up what he knew he deserved and so, his plans to conspire began.
Riz’gath descended into Neko Sekai to look for the most potent poison that could ever exist. He was exploring a mysterious forest then suddenly saw a fruit dangling from a dead tree. His breath got hoarse as he went near the tree, the air seems to be harsh in that place. Riz’gath slowly grabbed the fruit as it shone bright red in his palms. He was thrilled beyond belief but his plans were not done. He continued his journey towards the Fairy Kingdom and deceived a Fairy sorcerer to do what he had asked; turned the apple into a deadly toxin that whoever shall drink from it shall die.
At last, he was almost finished with his evil schemes that the only left thing to do was hand it over to Asheal. However, he was hindered by his emotions enough for the other Holy cats to capture him. The three gods were furious in this turn of events but alas, his plans went downfall from there. As punishment, they made him drink the poisoned liquid, and the moment it touched his lips, he changed into something evil and corrupted. The three gods cast him out of Cedora and put him and the other rebelled Holy cats into the land of Atrapax. The equivalent of Atrapax in the human world is Underworld where they are sealed for eternity.
Ever since Riz’gath’s act of rebellion was discovered by the other Holy Cats, they too revolted against the Holy orders and the three gods. They abandoned their comfort and duty just to seek the twisted freedom they crave. More Holy Cats were turned to be wicked and corrupted and were thrown in the land of Atrapax. Riz’gath took this as an opportunity and turned them to be his underlings. The once-loyal Holy cats of Cedora became the Hellcats filled with nothing but rage and resentment, swore on their life for the Holy cats’ downfall. Riz’gath knew
from the start that the remarkable gods they persist in praising were only hidden in a facade that fooled everyone. Alas, the balance of Cedora and Neko Sekai shattered and unexpected things started to occur. Riz'gath and the other rebelled Holy cats were spared for a reason. In exchange for the Krons they shall still receive spite being exiled as Cedora be spared on their evilness. It was an agreement that only the three gods and the former Holy cats knew. Yet, the moment they step into the gates of the Underworld, the heat burns their skin and turns it into a bright red. His now pitch black wings spread widely and tried to fly out of that place. He swore on his life to take revenge on the three gods and ignorant Holy cats in Cedora. However, the three gods thought of this carefully and placed a seal in the gates of the Underworld to prevent them from escaping; as they are now forever stuck in the lands of Atrapax. They realized the three gods' deception in their agreement and so, their screams of fury filled the Underworld.
Before the cats populated the land, a sudden phenomenon happened in the Neko Sekai without the gods’ awareness. In a hidden place, where cats don’t usually explore was a seed planted; pitch black as the night sky. It grew to a large plant that bore an unknown cat species. Her face was magnificent that could bewitch anyone she would meet. However, behind all that beauty was the devil spawn waiting for her first victim. She was uncanny in every way and brought fear to the cats she had encountered. She was called many names, but she was known as the god of the underworld. She was as strong as the three gods but no one knows the connection of the four.
According to the prophecy of an old soothsayer, the devil shall be born in the roots of wickedness and fill the world with only darkness and suffering. Along with the cats who worship her, they would take over the world of Neko Sekai and steal all the power and magic that they shall be the most powerful cats. No one knows if this was true, but all they know is, ‘There will always be darkness in the rays of light.’
The newly born god of evil has already possessed unimaginable powers wisdom and knowledge. With her youthful face, no one would even think that she was capable of doing frightening things. Oblivious to what she was, she traveled to various lands in Neko Sekai and finally came across species like her; evil and malicious. The god of evil saw Riz’gath and the Hellcats’ pain and suffering in the lands of Atrapax and so cast a powerful spell that destroyed the seal of the three gods.
Riz’gath and the other Hellcats were delighted by this turn of events as they now could freely roam the Neko Sekai. Riz’gath faced the god of evil and proposed an agreement that they would be under her command, making her the god of the underworld, in exchange for the magic and spells for the Krons they shall offer. The young lass was born into the world of Neko Sekai, and her power has already manifested into something immeasurable, hence, she agreed.
Riz’gath, being the highest of the Hellcats, submitted under the command of the god of evil since he knew that he could use her to execute his selfish plans. The Hellcats became even more powerful under the rule of the god of the underworld. They grew self-centered and driven by their evil desires that they disrupted the balance of the DefPace universe. The three gods were threatened that the seal of the underworld, Atrapax, was broken by the evil god. As a result, the three gods ordered the Holy cats to train even more so that one day, when the right time has come, the sanctified will prevail and the wickedness shall fall.
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