DefVerse NFT
ACT 1: Fraethes
Heir of the Fallen
“Hunger is for the weak! *stomach growls* But tonight will be an exception.”
“If I fight you with my utmost strength, you will definitely lose.”
“Wow! I have never seen a steak so big before!”
Nation: Khover
Sex: Male
Birthday: August 19
Fraethes is a hard-headed draconic cat. Although he has his troublesome moments, they can be part of his strongest points. He’s fearless and cannot be shaken when facing bone-chilling monsters. His outstanding bravery led him to once take on an entire army of Demon cats. Every cat in the DefPace universe trembles upon hearing his mighty name.
Fraethes is the last remaining member of the Drak Clan in Khover. As the last kindred of the clan, Fraethes took an oath to seek revenge on whoever was responsible for this unforgivable transgression. Everyday, he would strive hard to be better than anyone, powerful than anyone. With his ambitious and relentless attitude, no one can quench his burning desire to have revenge for his clan.
Due to an unexpected betrayal and internal dispute, war has begun, which led to the end of the once-supreme and influential clan of the Draks. Yet as they say, ‘Good will always prevail against evil.’ The once fallen will be back to take what is rightfully theirs.
The Drak Clan was founded by Eldar Drak, the first draconic cat to set foot on the Land of Khover. When he meets another draconic cat named Malfas, they fall in love and have a family. Malfas gave birth to three daughters namely: Yakas, Zakul, and Azura. Finally, the Drak Clan was established.
Three thousand years later, the leader of the clan, Eldar bestowed Yakas the power and authority to lead the Drak Clan as his oldest and rightful heir. However, Zakul and Azura were envious and spiteful of what had been given to their sister, and so the internal dispute ensued.
While Yakas became the leader of the Drak Clan, the deviousness of the younger sisters only worsened. Until one day, Zakul and Azura finally decided to leave the clan for good. They both set forth on a journey in which fate couldn’t tell the outcome of such a reckless decision. They lived in the wilderness for years and along they met Aldon and Bryer, princes of the Fairy kingdom that planned to expand their territory. Zakul and Azura fell in love with these brothers and as years passed, they got married and bore children on their own. However, such unpleasant emotion wouldn’t be erased that quickly and so the sisters began to plot revenge on their older sister, Yakas.
Yearning for her sisters who left, Yakas was left alone to lead the whole clan by herself. She also had a family and gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Krismi.
With the whole army of the fairy cats, Azura and Zakul declared war against the Drak Clan. Yakas, on the other hand, was ready to welcome her sisters with open arms but only to find out the ominous plan behind their return. Countless lives were sacrificed and so, the Drak clan supremacy came to an end.
As the fellow men of the Drak Clan ran for their lives, away from the invasion of the fairy cats, Yakas had no other choice but to let her trusted friend take Krismi, her daughter somewhere safe. In exchange for her life, she, together with the remaining draconic cats, fought the fairy cats and gave it their all.
The war has finally come to an end. The battlefield was left with nothing but grief of the beloved and the loss of their once-called home.
Time passes by quickly that the war that took place that day became history. Everything has changed but it will only take a small step for the past to repeat itself. It is time for the last descendant of the Drak Clan to know the truth. The once fallen will be back to take what is rightfully theirs.
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