DefVerse NFT

Halloween 2021

Special Edition Halloween Cards


Nation: Purr'catory
Caluwa is a quiet and benign reaper cat. Ever since he could remember, Caluwa was already doing his job without fail. From day to night, he accompanies the deceased souls to the Purr’catory and makes sure they cross over the bridge to the next life.


Nation: Lionshire Castle
Maxius is the owner of the Lionshire Castle, home to many vampires that serve and worship his name. The vampire blood in his veins holds prime responsibility for leading the whole clan, which will also be the reason for his downfall.

Zaria Hart

Nation: Goulbridge Woods
Zaria Hart was born gifted as one of the best dark magic users. Despite her young age, people expect great things from her. The burden and pressure made her detest her race and magic. A childhood that wasn’t so bright as to accept the gift she was granted.