DefVerse NFT

Our Mission and Vision

DEFVERSE is an NFT project that was originally founded by John K Marcos in early 2022. His vision of a platform to host his own NFT games, and those of other independent developers in a central social hub, is what initially sparked his interest in the project. Intrigued by the potential of the crypto markets shortly after the Bitcoin boom in late 2017, he later became attracted to the concept of NFTs and their functionality and collectorship. After studying the financial market and familiarising himself with blockchain technology he began to create the DEFVERSE project.
As a solo entrepreneur and gaming enthusiast he invested in his dream project and began to bring it to life creating his first game concept ‘Space Guardians’. Hiring a team of talented developers, he began creating the assets and codebase.
As of Q2 2022, we have finalised our first game and are in the beta stages of testing our platform and its capabilities. We have continually tested and adjusted our proof of concept to ensure the best success and stability for the project, and have developed a road map of our expected progress.
DEFVERSE aims to the first social platform where you can manage a multitude of NFTs from various projects on our platform. Our vision transcends merely hosting NFTs. One of our goals is to integrate a social hub within our platform where people can play, hangout, host, play games and trade your assets in one place.
DEFVERSE also hope to tackle the economic instabilities of the Play-To-Earn architecture which sees 99% of projects fail to maintain a stable token and aim to approach it a different way. We reward our players in the form exclusive community events, raffles, lotteries and more.
As we develop and solidify our core features, we later aim to implement a full e-sports tool kit too (among other things). We want to offer the ability for developers and communities to host tournaments of their own from within our platform.